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6 Travel Tips+ Vietnam Visa Requirements 2020

6 Travel Tips + Vietnam Visa Requirements 2020 Here are some travel tips and a list of requirements you need to prepare for your Vietnam visa: 1. A 6 month validity passport 2. Check if you require a visa 3. Confirm if you arrive Vietnam by plane 4. Prepare your ...
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Vietnam Visa Fee 2020

Vietnam Visa Fee 2020 Vietnam visa fee includes:
  1. Visa approval letter application fee
  2. Stamping fee
The visa approval letter is an official visa document issued by Vietnam Immigration Office in applicant's name to allow them to enter Vietnam in a specified date. You can find more information at ...
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10 Best Vietnamese Foods You Need to Try

10 Best Vietnamese Foods You Need to Try
  1. Pho - Vietnamese Vermicelli Noodle
  2. Bánh Mì -Vietnamese Sandwich
  3. Gỏi Cuốn - Spring Rolls
  4. Bánh Xèo - Sizzling Pancake
  5. Bún Thịt Nướng - Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork
  6. Cơm Tấm - Broken Rice
  7. Bánh Cuốn - Steamed Rice Cake
  8. Mi Quang ...
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Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam Business Visa Business Travellers are required to apply for a Vietnam Business visa to work in Vietnam. The business visa does not require a sponsorship or invitation letter from a Vietnamese business partner if the visa is applied online. Please note that you are required to provide a proof ...
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Vietnam Visa For US Citizens

Vietnam Visa for US Citizens Yes you are required to have a 6 month valid passport and a Vietnam visa (or an official visa approval letter) to enter Vietnam. If you arrive Vietnam without an appropriate travel document, you will probably be denied to enter Vietnam. How to apply for ...
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15 Unique Experiences to Have in Vietnam

15 Unique Experiences to Have in Vietnam Here is the list of unique experiences in Vietnam rated by our customers! 1. Ha long Bay - A remarkable site 2. Cu Chi Tunnels - A historic war tunnels 3. Mekong Delta - A home to floating market 4. Sapa - Beautiful ...
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Vietnam Visas for Australian Citizens

Do citizens of Australia require visa to visit Vietnam? Yes. Citizen of Australia require an entry visa to visit Vietnam. From the February 2017 citizens of Australia can apply Vietnam visa directly on Vietnamese Immigration Department. You are required to have a passport with at least six month validity. The ...
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Vietnam Single entry vs multiple entry visa

Is a Vietnam multiple entry visa required? If you will arrive Vietnam airports for a few times in a short period (1 month or 3 month), it would be cheaper to apply for a Vietnam multiple entry visa. Otherwise a Single Entry Visa is good for most of the travellers. It ...
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List of Vietnam embassy / Vietnam consulate

List of Vietnam embassy If you would like to apply your visa through Vietnam embassy / Vietnam consulate in your home country, you can use the list below to follow the link to find more information: On the other hand you can apply for the Visa On Arrival (VOA) visa ...
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